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Sept. 9th : Cross Keys Folk Club, Uppermill

Sept. 13th : Lancashire Night, Whitworth Band Club

Sept. 23rd: Arts Room Launch, Gallery Oldham

Oct. 17th : Uppermill Conservative Cub

Nov. 14th: Shaw Playhouse2 (with Duncan McFarlane)

Nov. 20th : Lancashire Evening, Shawforth Methodist Church


Feb. 27th : Alcester Winter Folk Festival

May 19th : Cottingham Folk Club, Hull

June 18th-20th : Alcester Folk Festival

July 3rd-4th : Cleckheaton Folk Festival

July 16th-18th : Saddleworth Folk Festival

Sept. 16th-19th : Otley Black Sheep Folk Festival

Nov 12th : Kirkby Fleetham Folk Club 3rd Big Birthday Bash

Nov. 17th  9.00 p.m. : Cross Keys Folk Club Uppermill


June 1st : Otley Folk Club

July 1st - 3rd : Cleckheaton Folk Festival


Dec. 5th 8.30 p.m. : Cross Keys Folk Club Uppermill


April 20th 8.30 p.m. : Uppermill Conservative Club


CD Released August 2008 (next one still in preparation)


(Click on highlighted to hear excerpts)

1. Broome of the Cowdenowes: Trad
2. Verdant Braes of ‘Screen: Trad
3. Waterlily: Karine Polwart
4. Follow On: Paul Brady
5. Arrow and Heart: Eamon Friel
6. Ca the Yows: Trad
7. Closing Time; Mary Asquith
8. Rosemary’s Sister: Huw Williams
9. I Wish I Wish: Trad
10. Foolish You: Wade Hemsworth
11. Time Wears Awa: Trad
12. Do You Love an Apple: Trad
13. John C. Clarke: Karine Polwart
14. Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens: Trad

(If you are interested in purchasing our  CD it is available

for £7 including post and packaging . Please email us for details)






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